9 Tips for Starting Your Own Handmade Jewellery Store Online 

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If you love making your own handmade jewellery, then why not consider starting up your own online business? If you’ve enough passion, dedication and know-how, then you just might be able to do it. That being said, it is important to point out that if you want this then you have to throw yourself into the idea, as opposed to simply toying with it. Starting your own handmade jewellery shop is no simple task. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

1 – Mission Statement  


What do you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Simple questions that you should be asking yourself before setting out. Is this going to be a little side project, or do you intend to build your future out of this idea?

2 – Cashflow Forecast  

How much are you going to be charging for your products? Put together an in-depth cashflow forecast and see how you expect to be getting on over the next 12-24 months. If this is to be financially viable for you to quit your job and pursue wholeheartedly, it’s going to have to be worth it.

3 – Creative Name  

Come up with a unique, authentic and creative name! It’s going to be crucial in creating a memorable brand online.

4 – Creative Logo  

Much like creating a great name, you must also design a quality logo! Learn from some of the most prevalent brands in the World and notice the simplicity in their approach. Less is more.

5 – Market Online 

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The internet is your friend! If you’re to succeed with selling handmade jewellery online, then you’re going to need to market yourself appropriately. So, utilise the internet and turn it to your advantage. If you’re overwhelmed by it all, here’s an awesome beginners guide to Search Engine Optimisation.

6 – Market Research  

Who are your competitors? If you want to succeed, then you’re going to need to take a look at the other handmade jewellery stores out there and see how they’re operating their business.

7 – Social Media  

Social Media is a crucial part of online marketing, particularly for a handmade jewellery company. All of your products are visually stunning, so share them with your target audience on the likes of Facebook and Instagram to really help generate some buzz about your brand.

8 – Do What You Love  

Design Jewellery that you love, not what you think other people will like – this is crucial for not only your happiness, but your overall success. As a handmade jeweller, your product is your brand! So, find your style and honour it.

dimond ring9 – It Won’t Happen Overnight  

Have patience and look at this way: if it doesn’t blow up and make me millions then at least I’m doing what I love. You don’t have to earn a fortune to be worth your while, you should be in it for the love of what you do. Just be patient, work hard and you’ll be exactly where you need to be.