5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Out-of-Date Pool Equipment


Having a beautiful swimming pool in the garden has many benefits, from enjoying a nice long soak in the sunshine to having easy access to regular exercise – but there is more to having a swimming pool than simply being able to enjoy it, you have to maintain it properly as well.

If you’ve had your swimming pool for quite some time, it might be worth looking into replacing some of your swimming pool equipment. There are many benefits for doing so and in this article,  we are going to explore the 5 main reasons why you should certainly consider it – here’s why:

1 – Reduced Noise

One of the main benefits of replacing your existing, dated pool equipment with some fresh items is the fact that brand-new pumps will be significantly quieter. It’s lovely being able to lay out next to the pool relaxing in the sunshine, not so much if that’s accompanied by the constant drone of a struggling pool pump. Invest in some new, high-quality and technologically up-to-date equipment and you’ll definitely notice the difference in noise reduction!

2 – More Energy Efficient

Having a pool doesn’t have to be expensive as it might be for you at the moment. The reality is, faulty or dated pool equipment is not very energy efficient at all. This is yet another reason why you should consider upgrading your swimming pool equipment for new, state-of-the-art gear. These will work harder for less energy and you’ll almost certainly notice the difference in your energy bills!

3 – For Your Health and Safety

When pushed too hard for too long, old equipment can become dangerous and unpredictable. From the suction points in your pool, to lighting and the pool pumps, you can never be too careful. If you’re worried about how old and unreliable your pool equipment is, then it may be worth upgrading it all for the sake of your peace & mind. By renovating the lot and replacing those aging items with some quality, new equipment, you’ll be creating a much safer environment for you and your family to enjoy.

4 – More Effective

Of course, this ties-in rather closely with energy efficiency, but new equipment will also be much more effective when it comes to getting the job done. Whether it’s heating your pool or keeping the water clean and filtering out any impurities, new equipment is invariably going to be much more effective – you deserve the best!

5 – Far Less Maintenance

With faulty and ineffective equipment, you’ll invariably spend more time trying to arrange repairs than you will actually being out in the swimming pool enjoying yourself. Sometimes it’s best to just bite the bullet and get your equipment replaced – you’ll certainly thank yourself in the long-run when your pool maintenance is significantly reduced and you’re spending considerably less money on having to have your equipment repaired all of the time.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? If you want to speak to some professionals who can advise you accordingly on what might need replacing and the best way to go about it then you should get in touch with a reputable pool parts & maintenance company like APS Rewinds – Don’t wait for something drastic to happen before you upgrade your pool equipment!