Do You Need to Buy a Pelican Air Case? Let’s Find Out!

Pelican Cases

Why would you need to buy a Pelican Air case when a suitcase does the job, right? Is there any point in forking out all of that extra money on something which carries equipment just as easily as any other type of luggage? If this is your current line of thinking, then you definitely need to give this article a few minutes of your time. Especially if you travel frequently, with expensive equipment!

First of all, what is a Pelican Air case? It’s a polymer case like no other! The Pelican Air case is 40% lighter than its counterparts. And this is without losing any of its strength or durability.

But, why would you need something like that? Well, if you tick off any of the following points, then you definitely will want one, and we’ll explain why.

1) You travel frequently with expensive equipment

2) You like to move quickly and check your luggage in without too much heavy lifting

3) You’d benefit from knowing that your expensive equipment is ENTIRELY safe from harm

4) You love the great outdoors and would love to bring your camera equipment, but never do from fear of breaking it

These are just a few of the reasons which should make you want to buy a Pelican Air Case, but why?

travel 1 – Travelling with expensive equipment

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if you want to break a Pelican Air case and it’s contents by throwing it around and dropping it / kicking it along the floor; you’re going to have an incredibly difficult time. In fact, you can watch this video to find out just how tough a Pelican Case is.

What you’ll discover is that no matter what you keep inside your Pelican Air, there’s no way that your equipment is ever going to get damaged when flying from point A to B. A normal suitcase on the other hand, is not resistant to damage. This is bad news for anyone who’s bag gets tossed around and mishandled (which is often the case when flying).

2 – No heavy lifting

Travelling is tiresome enough as it is without having to lug around a bulky and unnecessarily heavy suitcase. Well, with the Pelican Air case being 40% lighter than most, it makes sense to invest in yours. You’ll keep your equipment entirely safe from harm, whilst causing yourself significantly less strain when travelling around!

3 – Sleep easy

Flying comes with enough anxiety without having to live with the constant worry about whether or not your expensive equipment has been handled with care. When you travel with a Pelican Air case on the other hand, you’ll never worry about a thing. This means that you can kick-back, relax and enjoy your flight completely unhindered.

4 – Travel anywhere with your gear

Always fancied climbing a mountain and taking some stunning sunset photographs, but you’ve always been too afraid of your gear breaking from either falling, or the extreme temperatures? No worries! With a Pelican Air Case, your equipment will be entirely safe from damage. This means that you can carry it to the peak of Everest if you’d like, and your equipment would be absolutely fine.

Pelican CasesWhere from?

You can find Pelican Air cases in a number of locations. We’d recommend a reputable and reliable supplier like Aerolyte. However, you can do your own research and find a supplier which suits you best. Compare prices, read reviews, follow up testimonials and go with your gut. In any case, you must buy your Pelican Air case today! Give yourself the peace of mind when carrying sensitive equipment around, and you’ll never look back!