How much do Ziptrak blinds cost? Do Ziptrak blinds keep the wind and rain out? Are Ziptrak blinds worth it?

The automated roller blinds in modern office

Spending time outside is essential for your health and happiness. It lets you take in the fresh air, enjoy the view, and spend time in an open space far from your office and workspace. It is also desirable to let the outside in, tempting a fresh breeze but without letting in insects or dealing with other downsides to window coverings like curtains. 

Outdoor blinds are an excellent way to add to the value of your home, garden or patio, both monetarily, and in the joy you can get from using them. 

You can create a private space that is protected from the elements, monitor light and airflow, and really be the master of your own garden. Read on to discover more about Ziptrak blinds, and why they are the best choice for your home and outside space…

How much do Ziptrak blinds cost?

Ziptrak blinds are a type of outdoor blind that operate on a roller or track system. They are a high-quality product, offering ease of use, seamless opening and closing, and a beautiful aesthetic among other benefits. As such, they are often considered to be a pricey product. However, Ziptrak blinds are actually priced fairly compared with other similar products.

The exact cost of your Ziptrak blinds can vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your windows
  • The fabric you choose
  • Installation costs
  • Where you are and so on.

Customizable Ziptrak blinds can cost more depending on what you are looking for, though by going this route you can choose the exact design, style, and function that suits you. Many forms of window coverings and protections exist from car window tint all the way through to security screens. Yet outdoor blinds provide the best of all worlds with options to suit every need. 

Ziptrak blinds can cost less than AU$1000 for each one, or several thousand for the highest quality products. The more windows you want to cover, naturally, the more you will have to pay. However, it can be possible to find cheaper Ziptrak blinds if you seek out the best deals.

Do Ziptrak blinds keep the wind and rain out?

One of the common issues with outdoor blinds is that they let the wind and the rain in, flapping about, getting damaged by bad weather, and letting your patio get wet and cold. This problem does not exist with Ziptrak blinds. One of the biggest benefits to choosing Ziptrak blinds is that they are track-guided, and so don’t have gaps that let wind and rain through.

Ziptrak blinds are attached at the sides, running up and down on tracks. This not only makes them extremely easy to use, but also helps keep the wind and rain out. The material you use is key, however, as a thin and non-waterproof blind could still let rain through, even with sealed sides.

If you want an outdoor blind that keeps you, your outdoor area, and your furniture safe from the wind and the rain, choose a Ziptrak blind made of weather-resistant material. You can enjoy the outdoors without the downsides that poor weather can bring.

Are Ziptrak blinds worth it?

One key question people ask when it comes to choosing Ziptrak outdoor blinds is whether they are actually worth it. While it is important to point out that you can find cheaper blinds, Ziptrak blinds really are worth every penny. Buying Ziptrak blinds over a cheaper, lower-quality alternative is an investment in the future. Some of the key benefits of Ziptrak blinds are:

  • They are environmentally friendly – some Ziptrak blinds are solar-powered, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of roller blinds that open with ease. Without having to spend money on electricity or add to your carbon footprint.
  • They are energy efficient – one of the most impressive benefits of Ziptrak blinds is the impact they can have on your energy bill. These blinds can help to keep out the heat in the hotter months, keeping your home cooler without having to use expensive and wasteful air conditioning. Ziptrak blinds can also help keep the warmth in during the summer, adding a layer of insulation to your windows.
  • They are high-quality – Ziptrak blinds are of the highest quality. Cheaper blinds often look cheap, and are more prone to breaking or damage. Ziptrak blinds look expensive, and perform flawlessly, far better than many of their competitors.
  • They are easy to use – another key benefit to Ziptrak blinds is that they run on tracks, making them extremely easy to use. The classic nightmare about blinds, where one side won’t rise, or the other gets stuck, just won’t happen with this type.
  • You can determine your optimal airflow – you can utilise your Ziptrak blinds to get the exact airflow you want. You can keep out wind, allow a gentle breeze, and any variation that you want.
  • They keep insects out – one of the annoying compromises you make when enjoying a breeze in summer is letting irritating insects in at the same time. Ziptrak blinds allow you to enjoy fresh air while keeping these pests where they belong. Outside.
  • They are durable and long-lasting – one benefit that truly sets Ziptrak blinds apart from their competitors is how durable they are. Being attached to the side means they don’t suffer the same wear as blinds that can be knocked about by the wind. These blinds will continue to look fantastic, and function flawlessly for longer.

There are some disadvantages to Ziptrak blinds, namely that you can spend more on these blinds than many other options on the market. That being said, Ziptrak blinds are also more durable and less prone to taking damage than many other blinds. This means that an investment in Ziptrak blinds now could mean spending less on replacing your blinds in the future.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for the ideal window covering, one that will look great, keep out the wind and rain, and that will last and last, look no further than Ziptrak blinds. These robust outdoor blinds are perfect for any home or business, working seamlessly to protect your outside area from bad weather, insects, and more. In terms of value, Ziptrak blinds are worth every penny.