Prepare A Backpack For Your Next Trip


Camping is always the best activity to do when the weather is warmer. Camping comes with challenging, you are going to face unexpected things during your trip. For sure! The best way to bear with any problems is planning. Nothing can harm well-prepared backpackers!

Choose The Right Sleeping Pad

Closed cell foam pad

Closed cell foam pad is the simplest and cheapest pad with a rugged surface. You can easily find in the market. But if you want a well-designed pad with a cushion at neck, shoulder, and hips, you can find it in camping gear shop. The closed cell foam pad is light in weight but it cannot pack as small as you can fit it in your backpack. If you want to have, prepare to carry it outside.

Inflatable Pad

Inflatable pad is the pad that you have to blow air in using your month. This type of pad is thick and comfortable. Be concern when buying a regular pad, it may not be insulation and can be leaked when you camp on a ground. I suggest buying an innovative pad that designed to solve insulation problems.

Self-inflating Pad

Self-inflating pad is packed with porous foam inside and covered with nylon packet. You can use by unrolling the pad and open a valve to let the air in. This type of pad may cost a little bit more expensive than others. It is as comfortable as closed cell foam and no insulation issues. But do not expect too much from it and prepare to self-blow after several use.

Prioritize Your Items

Size and weight of the backpack are important when you go camping. Unprepared packing can make your trip miserable. There are 4 basic concepts of organizing backpack you have to remember; keep heavy items close to your back, keep light items away, keep heavy items on the bottom and topped with frequently used items.

Keep the sleeping pad or non-essentials items that you are not going to use until you start a camp on the bottom of your backpack. Put the heaviest items i.e. food and water close to your spine. Wrap the heavy items around with soft and light items i.e. clothes and tent. Finally, frequently used items like map, compass, and snack should be put on top to reach easily.

Do not Pack Too Much

Remember that you have to carry the backpack with you all the time. You do not want to carry the backpack that heavy likes a rock right?

Make a checklist of what you are going to bring with you. Bring necessary items according to how long you are going to stay. Pack for three meals and some snacks. Avoid dairy and meat products, it is easy to go bad and smell.

Always bring first aid kit with you because you do not know what will happen to you. Going to an unfamiliar place is easy to catch a cold. Do not bring too many clothes, only bring what you are going to wear.

Here are basic things you should concern when camping. Planning beforehand is always the best thing. Enjoy your trip!