Push Sweepers – They Still Have a Valuable Role


For some people, the push sweeper has become a forgotten product. Vacuum cleaners clearly have their role as is demonstrated by their wide-spread popularity as do dustpans and brushes. Push sweepers sit somewhere between the two but that certainly doesn’t mean they

have their specific place. They fulfill a niche that neither of the previous two quite can. So let’s remind ourselves why these are still very valuable products.

Simple to Use

As the name suggests a push sweeper has simply pushed along in front of a person and will pick up loose items. Whereas a dustpan and brush are good for sweeping up a couple of items their extended use can lead to back pain. If there is a large amount of debris to pick up then a dustpan

and brush simply won’t be terribly efficient and it will take a long time to complete the required job. Meanwhile, vacuums can prove to be heavy, many require to be plugged into the mains or they cannot pick up the large particles strewn across a surface. In fact, you could easily damage a vacuum cleaner if you cause a blockage.

Small and Uncomplicated

Linking on from this point a sweeper is a relatively simple piece of equipment. This means it is easy to look after, will seldom suffer damage and if this is the case they can be serviced with little to no real effort. Their size is also a helpful factor and in certain circumstances, this makes them more appropriate than a vacuum which is sometimes quite cumbersome.

Best Suited for Cleaning Edging


If you are using a sweeper with side brushes they are fantastic for drawing out dirt and debris far harder to reach nooks and crannies. A vacuum or dustpan and brush can struggle to get dirt away from edging but sweepers absolutely specialise in this. To do the equivalent with a vacuum you will have to put an attachment on, thus basically turning it into a sweeper anyway.

Operate Silently

One area in which sweepers excel is that they are silent when being used. In certain situations, this means that vacuum cleaners cannot be used. Take for example in a restaurant or a waiting room. The disturbance which would be caused makes them completely unsuitable in these places, whereas a dry spillage can be swiftly picked up by a sweeper without causing any undue commotion.

Easy to Store

Given their small size and low profile a sweeper takes up much less room when stored away than a vacuum and not much more than a decent sized dustpan and brush.

Empty in Seconds

The containers on push sweepers can be removed and emptied in a matter of moments. This makes them efficient for quick jobs.

Readily Available

In spite of the fact that many members of the public have forgotten about their existence, there are numerous sweepers available online. Suppliers of quality brands such as Kranzle can be found quite simply, for example, through Power Blast. If you are looking to pick one up I would recommend this going with Kranzle or Kaercher as these are the top sweepers on the market in my honest opinion.