The Importance of Hiring a Certified Tree Surgeon

If you put a post out on Facebook asking your friends and family to recommend you a reliable tree surgeon, do not agree to letting your mate and his chainsaw handle the task for you. Owning or borrowing a chainsaw, does not make you a certified, nor qualified tree surgeon. In fact, paying a friend to take care of your tree related tasks because it’s cheaper then going to the professionals, might be one of the worst decisions you’ll ever make.

The trouble with tree surgeon services, is that most people believe that “it can’t be that difficult.” And whilst there is certainly a fine art to arborism, it’s not the difficulty level that’s the problem, it’s the danger. Tree lopping is incredibly dangerous. If accidents occur (which is often as you’ll see from this DIY tree cutting compilation), you’ll understand the importance of taking the time to hire a certified tree surgeon.

1 – Protect your property

Becoming a qualified arborist is a long process which requires plenty of study, and even more practical experience. The main benefit of hiring a certified tree surgeon, is the fact that they will have done dozens of hours of health & safety training. Not only will they be able to work on the trees on your property without causing you or themselves any harm, but they can protect your property as well! Just look at the video we linked to earlier; do you want a 65-meter tree crashing through the roof of your house? Because when you slip a cowboy $20 bucks, you’ll be significantly increasing the chances of that happening to you!

2 – The relevant insurances

Of course, in the extremely unlikely event of a tree cashing through your roof at the fault of a certified tree surgeon, they will have all of the relevant insurances. This means that should something go wrong; you’ll be completely covered. Your mate with his chainsaw on the other hand…how sure are you that they will be able to cover the costs of a new roof? If they’re cutting down trees for cash on the side, then we’re leaning towards a no.

3 – Proper removal and clean-up

Another great aspect of hiring a certified tree surgeon is the fact that they will offer proper removal and after-care clean-up as well. This is something that you will rarely get with a cowboy tree-lopper. That, and you’ll be able to rest assured that they are safely removing and disposing of the refuse.

Where to start?

A simple Google search can help you find a wealth of certified and qualified tree surgeons. Simply do your research and apply plenty of careful consideration before going ahead. Find yourself a reputable company like A B Trees, and you’ll be able to rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the trees on your property will be in the most capable of hands.