The Irrefutable Benefits of Using Flock lined Rubber Gloves


In a wide range of industries, the use and application of rubber gloves is an inescapable essentiality. A reason why it is important to invest in the highest quality gloves. In this post we’re going to explore the major benefits of using flock lined rubber gloves in the workplace.

1 – Reusable

First and foremost, flock lined rubber gloves are reusable, which comes as a significant advantage. While they are disposable and should really only ever be used for the one purpose before being discarded, they can be reused in several sittings. The reason for this is because they are exceptionally easy to don and remove, and they’re durable too. Again, you shouldn’t make a habit of using a pair of disposable gloves for too long, however you should be able to switch between tasks quite easily and get a fair bit of usage out of them before having to trade them in for a fresh pair.

2 – Enhanced Puncture Resistance

Another major and irrefutable benefit of using flock lined rubber gloves is the fact that they have enhanced puncture resistance. The flock lining inside the gloves acts as an additional barrier. This is ideal for jobs which require a tough and resistant glove, giving you that peace of mind that they will not tear, exposing you to any corrosive substances.

3 – Additional Comfort

Not only does the flock lining inside the rubber gloves act as an additional barrier, but they also offer enhanced comfort. This thick lining inside allows the easy donning and removal of the gloves, they provide a comfortable padding and insulation as well.

4 – Increased Productivity

Combining all of the points above, flock lined gloves are essential for increased productivity in the work place. The fact that they are more durable, comfortable and easy to use / remove, makes them a significant aid when it comes to carrying out your duties. Those who feel safe from harm are more likely to work to their full potential, as opposed to those who are not so confident in the integrity of their PPE. This is why we would highly recommend that you invest in flock lined rubber gloves, for the more arduous and demanding tasks.


A common mistake that people make it investing in poor quality gloves purely and simply for the fact that they’re disposable. And the logic makes perfect sense: why spend more money on gloves that you will only inevitably throw away? Again, flock lined rubber gloves are reusable and are certainly worth that little bit extra. Invest in your employees and afford them the best equipment and you will almost certainly get the best results from them in return.