Things You Will Need To Look At Before Buying Turf

So, you were hoping that this would be easy.. Well it is, so long as you follow some simple guidelines outlined here. 

And if you do not, then maybe it might not be? 

Survey the area 

Firstly, take a good look at the area to be turfed. The soil and substrate could be in such bad condition that you have to excavate and remove more than the topsoil first.  

It is foolhardy not to break the surface and have a good look at the ground to be covered. There is a multitude of things that can hinder good water soak away, from hardcore to old kid’s tricycles and other assorted debris. Water has to have a soakaway to ensure that the newly laid grass does not drown and the new roots can gain a secure foothold.  

Eliminate roots and weeds and debris 

We all love stretches of greenery, but visually they can be ruined through weeds and other unwanted flora. Turn the ground surface (this may have to be done several times) and remove all roots no matter how deep they may grow into the ground! If the ground is extra hard then you may have to thoroughly run a hose over until it is fully saturated before you start.  

Be aware that some of the nastier Asian weeds can literally take over your garden as their roots do not just dig over a metre deep into the ground they also spread out to a great circumference too. In some cases, they can even invade your garden from surrounding homes as their intrusive roots can crawl under walls. 

This is all hard work, so please make sure that you are up to it before you start. 

You cannot just lay turf on any kind of surface and expect success. 

Weeding will most certainly be an ongoing process as spores and seeds are blown on the air and will indiscriminately land where they will.  

Take a look around before buying Turf 

Rolling out a new lawn is almost like rolling out a new carpetJust make sure that you choose the correct shade of green for the individual setting. 

There are so many sources of good turf to be bought. You can find huge rolls of it at D.I.Y centres, garden centres and rural garages. The classified pages of your local free press and internet sites such as eBay and Facebook are also great sources for smaller amounts. You can complete your whole lawn really economically from other people’s overspends. 

So, do yourself a favour and look around because good quality turf is cheap, abundant, and really easy to cut to size with anything from a spade or garden sheers to a really large pair of decorator’s scissors. 

The essential thing is to make sure that you can find the time to regularly water the newly laid turf until it fully takes to the substrate.