This is Why You Need Entertainment for Your Event

If you’re planning an event, you really must ensure that you plan some awesome entertainment! Don’t skimp on it either! You should factor it in as a vital part of your budget, and with good reason too. In this article, we’re going to look at why it’s so important to book entertainment at an event. Read on for more info.

1 – What would you want?

Can you imagine turning up to an event, to find that there’s no entertainment planned? Or even worse, to expect some form of entertainment and then to spend the entire evening thinking: “any minute now, surely?” The key to great event planning is empathy. Would you want to attend an event without any? No, you would not!

2 – Make your event memorable

Let’s say that it’s a corporate event where all of the top salesman in your company are coming to meet to reflect on the year and discuss the future. Now imagine that they all have to sit there and listen to the upper-management drone on for hours, and nothing else to break it up in between? Would you say that that event would be memorable? Probably not! In fact, the only reason why they might remember it, is because it would be known as “that event;” the one where everyone wanted to stab themselves in the eyeball!

You need entertainment for your event! By doing so, you’ll be ensuring that the event is memorable! It’s about breaking it up a bit and rewarding your guests with a bit of fun! If they have a good time, they’re going to look back on the event fondly, and that means they’re going to take everything that is said in between, onboard.

3 – Keep people’s concentration

If your guests are forced to sit and listen all evening, then they’re going to lose concentration pretty quickly and start playing on their phones and/or talking amongst themselves. Instead, by breaking the evening up with some entertainment, you’ll be giving them much needed respite from all of the essential yet terribly boring stuff. That way, once the entertainment is over, they can return to the matter at hand with a fresh perspective! That, or you can get all of the boring stuff out of the way first, and then reward their hard work with a knees up, some quality entertainment and plenty of alcohol to wash it down!

4 – They will come back again!

If you’d like to make your events a regular thing, then throwing some entertainment into the mix is not only going to secure your success, but to encourage your guests to want to come again next time. Whereas, if they’re sat bored out of their minds for six hours, they’re almost certainly going to make an excuse next time!


It doesn’t have to be overly extravagant! You don’t need to pay Mike Tyson to come and sing some Tina Turner at your event. You could hire an affordable cover band. Or get some dancers to come and wow your audience. Again, just play to your audience and exercise a little empathy. Based on the type of event and the demographic, what would be most fitting for the entertainment slot?

If you’re not entirely sure, then you could always seek out the professionals like Funktionality. An established events management company will always have access to the best venues, caterers and most important of all: entertainment acts.