Three Simple Things you can do to Ensure your Classic Car is Well Looked After


Classic cars are definitely things of beauty; items to be cherished and cared for to an almost obsessive degree.  If you own or long to own a classic car, then these sentiments will probably be very familiar to you.  But is there any measures that are honestly too excessive to protect something not only this special, but something that is getting increasingly rare with every passing year?  If this is a passion of yours, then your answer is probably no, so here are a three practical suggestions to keep your classic car protected and bringing you joy for years to come.


Use a car cover

Probably the most basic idea here, but using a car cover, even if your classic beauty is stored in a garage (which, let’s face it, if you have a classic car you care about, then it is!) Not only so they protect your car against dust and debris from the environment, but they also add a layer of protection from people moving around near the car that aren’t as paranoid as you might be.  A simply cloth cover will certainly help, but if you truly want the best, then a ventilated car storage system cover is definitely the way to go as these offer maximum protection and subsequently peace of mind.

Store it with a trickle charger

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, a trickle charger is basically what its name suggests.  It is a device that trickle feeds an electrical charge to your car’s battery, ensuring that when you try and turn it over, it is going to be able to start.  Trickle chargers are also sometimes capable of restoring a seemingly dead battery as often they get so low on charge that the charging component can’t restore them normally.  However, having a trickle charge applied to them can, over time, bring that minimum charge level back up enough to revive the battery.

Maintain a good service record

A strong and thorough service record can add to any cars value as it shows careful and dutiful ownership.  If you love your car and regularly pay for proper servicing to be carried out by the experts like Cavallino Motorsport, then you should be able to not only prove it, but display it proudly.  With a classic car, this service record should be long and detailed as it should stretch back to the cars purchase in ideal situations.  Regardless of the history, you should always maintain an accurate and well filed record of any history you have of the car and especially your services and repairs.  If you want to be extra careful, there are online services that will provide an efficient way to store all of these records in a cloud, so that they are safe and well looked after; this doesn’t mean you should not maintain your paper records however.