What to Expect from A Cosmetic Acupuncture Session


For many of us, the thought of having upwards of 50 needles inserted into the skin of your face will probably sound quite extreme, and even the stuff of horror movies.  However, the purpose of cosmetic acupuncture is not to provide a horror movie experience, but to assist your body in relaxing and remaining healthy and youthful in appearance.  Further investigation will undoubtedly demonstrate to you that there is a lot of contention around this subject, but there is enough evidence of positive results that acupuncture in general has never been more popular.  So if you are intrigued enough, you can try cosmetic acupuncture fairly easily as most major towns and cities seem to have a practitioner or two these days.  If you do decide to give it a go, here is roughly what you can expect from a typical session.



Upon arrival you will be met by your acupuncturist and they will explain the basic process to you and possibly run through some health and safety advice and the ground rules for the before seeking your consent to continue.  Your acupuncturist will probably want discuss your aims for the treatment as well as your lifestyle and possibly dietary choices so that they can make further recommendations based on their training and experience to help improve your skincare.  Whatever your aims for your treatment, it is always important to ensure you visit a reputable practitioner such as Tao Acupuncture, so that you receive the best and most hygienic treatment possible.


Once you have the formalities out of the way and the acupuncturist understands your goals, they will decide where needles will be used on your face and take you through how they will proceed and what you need to do.  They will then get you comfortable and relaxed by laying you down on the treatment table, most likely lowering the lighting and playing soft music.  It is also commonplace for incense and candles to be burning during the treatment, so these would be lit now if they weren’t already and providing you do not have any respiratory issues that they might exacerbate.


Now that you are ready, the acupuncturist will proceed to gently insert a number of needles into the upper layers of skin all around your face.  It is normal for the treatment to utilise between 50 and 70 needles, but it will vary depending on the acupuncturist and the type of results they are targeting.  These needles are ultra fine and you will almost certainly feel very little sensation of their presence and certainly should feel no pain.  In fact it is quite common of patients to be so relaxed that they fall asleep during the procedure


Once the treatment is complete, which can last an hour easily, depending on what you have opted for, the acupuncturist will carefully remove all of the needles and make sure that you are calmly roused from the deeply relaxed state you will probably be in.  They will help you to sit up and gather yourself before allowing you to gather your belongings and make your way out so you can carry on with your day.