5 Reasons Why Marble Countertops are Great for Kitchens


If you’re planning a kitchen renovation any time soon, then one of the most important factors that you’re going to have to consider is which material you use for your kitchen countertops. In this article we are going to explore the 5 main advantages of using marble, besides of course, the obvious fact that marble looks absolutely gorgeous with an irrefutable air of elegancy and sophistication – here are its other note-worthy advantages:

1 – Affordable

People tend to associate marble with wealth, and with good reason to as the material has been used for centuries by the regal and wealthy folk, though nowadays you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy its benefits. In fact, marble is actually rather cost-effective, particularly if you weigh up all of its pros. It does of course depend on the overall size and thickness of the countertops that you need, though for the most part marble is more affordable than granite or quartz.

2 – Durable 

Being a natural stone, marble is much more resilient when it comes to scratching and cracking. While there certainly is an element of upkeep involved, it’s definitely worthwhile when it looks so fantastic all of the time. And although marble is incredibly durable, during the fabrication process it is soft enough to incorporate soft and smooth edges for that aesthetic appeal.

3 – Distinctive 

You can spot marble a mile off due to its gorgeous signature look, which is why you can often tell when people have tried making substitute or ‘alternative’ materials which adopt a similar look. The beauty of investing in marble countertops is that they have a certain distinctive look which can be imitated, though pale in comparison to the real deal. If you really want your kitchen to stand out amongst your friends, then this is the material for you.

4 – Resistant to Heat 

What better a place to have heat resistant countertops than in the kitchen? This is why marble countertops are the go-to material for professional chefs! Marble isn’t a material which can catch fire or burn, so you can place a hot pan on top without having to worry too much – that being said, it’s still very important to preserve the finish so try to avoid placing it down without any protection, unnecessarily.

5 – Long-lasting 

It’s no secret that marble is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials – particularly given that you can see many marble structures today which were built a long time ago. So, if you invest in some expertly crafted marble countertops then you can rest assured that they will outlast you! Or at least last long enough until you get bored and want to renovate your kitchen again.


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