5 Reasons Why Buying Antique Reproduction Furniture is Often Better Than the Original  


Antique furniture looks fantastic, there’s no denying that! Our ancestors sure knew how to make a fancy bookcase or a regal looking desk. Though, much of the antique furniture on the market today is either far too expensive or so old and valuable that you’d never want to use it. Which is why there is a cheaper, easier alternative which doesn’t compromise on aesthetic appeal: purchasing antique reproduction furniture – here’s why:

1 – Realistic Prices  

Yes, there are some truly spectacular items of antique furniture, each with their own unique and fascinating histories, but is it really worth spending a small fortune on a dressing table? Not when you can have an exact replica made for a much more reasonable price. Of course, there’s no replacing the real thing when it comes down to it, though unless you’re an avid collector or you’re an antiques expert, who’s going to notice the difference?

2 – Higher Quality

Any antique reproduction shop worth their weight will be able to produce the highest quality replicas without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Again, many antiques look beautiful, though due to the fact that they’re significantly older, it means that the quality might not quite be there. More important if you’re looking at antique chairs or beds – as you’re going to want to invest in something significantly sturdy and durable. A high quality antique reproduction piece will look the part and will be built with rigidity in mind.

3 – They Look the Same

When a piece of antique reproduction furniture looks exactly the same as the authentic piece, what’s the big deal? Again, you can save money and assure quality, so there’s no harm in going for a substitute piece whatsoever, after all, it’s the look that you’re going for.

4 – Warranty

It’s safe to say that a piece which is several hundred years old is going to be out of warranty. Whereas on the flip-side, when you purchase an antique reproduction piece from a reputable store, you’ll have a full and present warranty for your piece of mind should anything go wrong.

5 – Custom Made

Another beautiful thing about investing in antique reproduction furniture is that they’re custom made. So, you can have them based on a particular piece that you really love, though you can have it personalised to suit your own taste and requirements. Yes, it’s not the original antique piece, though it has a unique and personalised flare which will ultimately make the item feel like its your own.